Sway bar bushings can be located where the sway bar is mounted to the frame or body of a vehicle. These bushings are made out of a high durometer rubber material and fit around the sway bar. A bracket fits around the sway bar bushing and the sway bar, which then mounts the sway bar to the vehicle.

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Over time, sway bar bushings can tear or they may be missing altogether. A visual inspection can also show signs that the sway bar bushings are damaged and need to be replaced. Lift the vehicle with a heavy-duty floor jack, and support it with jack stands. Locate the sway bar beneath the car. It will be a thin bar that extends from one side of the car to the other. Inspect the end links. There will be bushings at the end of the link where it attaches to the suspension. Ensure the bushings are there and not damaged. Inspect the center part of the bar, where it bolts to the chassis. Inspect the bushings underneath the brackets. Ensure bushings are not damaged, torn or missing.