UPPER CONTROL ARM: Steering & Suspension Parts

The upper control arm connects to the frame by a control arm shaft.

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Control arms are part of your vehicle's suspension system. They attach the suspension to the chassis and manage the motion of the car to hep give you a smooth and comfortable ride. If you notice too much dipping or rolling when your car takes turns, it might be time to take a look at your suspension system. The control arm also allows the vehicle to change directions.

The upper control arm spans out to the spindle or to the knuckle support, and is connected by a ball joint or a pin and bushing. The upper control arm works in unison with the lower control arm, this is called a double wishbone suspension. Control arms typically house wearable suspension parts. The inner part of the control, where it connects to the frame, will often have a shaft with bushings. The outer portion of the control arm will have a replaceable ball joint, or an upper outer pin and bushing.