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Revolutionary heavy duty ball joints for Jeep JK/TJ. Our lower ball joint is manufactured to be as heavy duty as possible for the space allowed. It features a case-hardened full ball stud, powdered metal bearing, and CNC-machined billet housing. Our upper ball joint design is where the magic happens - it is no longer a 'follower' ball joint. The design allows the upper to carry an average of 20% of the load, which increases the life of the whole system. The system has been proven on the trail, and is manufactured in the USA.

"How it works" Video
Installation Video

Jeep JK / WJ: RP12573
Jeep TJ / YJ / XJ / ZJ / LJ: RP12574

Lower Ball Joint Features:

  • Eliminates OE nylon internals and uses a heavy duty, greaseable steel-on-steel design
  • Low profile housing clears RCV axles
  • 32MM powdered metal bearing replaces the undersized OE plastic bearing
  • All hardware is included

Upper Ball Joint Features:

  • Unlike anything you've seen before. It uses our revolutionary adjustable load carrying cap to set load distrobution
  • Unlike OE design, this presses from the bottom up, allowing it to carry part of the load
  • Carries an average of 20% of the load, reducting the load on the lower ball joint
  • Heavy duty - uses tapered roller bearings for load carrying, and PTFE lined epoxy bearing to compensate for misalignment
  • All hardware is included


Our heavy duty steering system for the Jeep JK is trail tested to be rugged and dependable. Massive 1.25" forgings are the biggest around. This steering system uses Rare Parts' patented Replaceable Coupling Cartridge system - replace just the worn stud, not the whole part. As an added bonus, there is no realignment needed when you replace a worn stud cartridge.

  • The cartridges are easy to replace on the trail if a cartridge wears out
  • For the Jeep JK a single cartridge is used at all four points
  • Unlike a tie rod end (or drag link end), if you unscrew one on the trail, you’ll have to reset toe on the trail. What a pain! The Rare Parts cartridge design can simply be unscrewed without effecting the center to center of the tie rod assembly and/or the drag link.
  • Like most wheelers, many of us start small and soon get bit by the bug. Every time you get back from the trail you add something new to the list, right? This cartridge system will easily convert to a high steer configuration by simply unscrewing the cartridge from one direction and threading it in from the opposite. This is especially true for those who run JK forgings that can’t be flipped. No need to flip the forging, just unscrew the cartridge and thread it in from the opposite direction.

Part #:
Jeep JK Drag Link: RP29428
Jeep JK Tie Rod Assembly: RP29429