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The outer tie rod end connects to the spindle or steering arm. A typical tie rod end has a tapered stud. This tapered stud is assembled into a forging that threads into the inner tie rod end, or tie rod. This is also commonly called an adjustment sleeve. When a driver steers a vehicle, the stud that's positioned in the outer tie rod end pivots. This allows the spindle or steering arm to rotate. It also keeps the tie rod assembly properly located. Outer tie rod ends are another critical component to a vehicle's steering system.

The cost to replace a tie rod can be anywhere from 30 dollars all the way up to 300 dollars or more, depending on the application, availability and how many are worn out.


The Tie-Rod Assembly

Like most auto parts, tie rods don't go bad just because they were made on a specific date and their time has expired.  Instead, most of the time, they go bad because of everyday wear and tear. Tie rods can last for many years. Some car owners may not ever have to replace tie rods at all.  How long they last can depend on driving conditions. Driving obstacles like potholes or bad road conditions can be problematic.  Even minor accidents can cause tie rods to malfunction. Tie rods are important. They get high usage.  Because of this, some recommend checking and inspecting them regularly.

Tie rods help to send force from the steering rack to the steering arm, for moving the wheel. Tie rods are the connection from the steering system to the wheels. These two systems contain a simple, yet important part: the tie rod. Tie rods play an important role in a steering system. Without tie rods, the steering system would fail. Tie rods are the pivot point between a steering system, and between a steering arm and wheel. The outer tie rod end is adjustable. This means that we can change the length of a tie rod to optimize a vehicle’s alignment. Simple tie rods are important. They are responsible for moving wheels when steering.  They are also important for making turns.

Video: HEAVY DUTY Tie Rod Assembly