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Examples of Rack & Pinion Assemblies

  Examples of Rack & Pinion Assemblies


The rack and pinion mounts to the cross member under the engine, and connects the steering wheel to the front tires. It is the center point connecting the steering column to the tie rod assembly, which then connects to the spindles or to the steering arms.

This assembly converts the rotational motion from the steering wheel - into the linear motion (Left-Right) of the wheels. The rack is a flat bar with notched teeth. The rack is connected to the tie rod assemblies, and the pinion is a round gear connected to the steering shaft. As you turn the steering wheel, the rack gets pushed in the opposite direction.

Rack and pinions are commonly used on newer vehicles, and can be manual or power assisted. The power-assisted rack also requires a power steering pump. The power steering pump is mounted in the engine compartment and is belt-driven.

Video: Rack & Pinion and Tie Rod Assembly