Manufacturing Monday’s Featured Product: Rack & Pinion Mount Bushings

This week’s Manufacturing Monday’s featured product is our rack and pinion mount bushings – Part#: RP15896. Order a set today and feel the difference!

The Chevette, manufactured from 1976 to 1987, marked a needed advance for Chevrolet in the oil-crisis years after the maker’s initial foray into the subcompact market with the problematic Vega.

With the Chevette and its first cousin Pontiac T-1000, GM returned to an iron block engine from aluminum and basically re-engineered the underbody to thwart corrosion. The result was durable little gas-sippers that went through a number of permutations over the years and served a global market.

Durability, however, is a finite quality, and the Chevette’s original rack-and-pinion mount bushings from over 30 years ago or longer have no doubt been subject to oil exposure or simple aging that leads to cracks and chips that can compromise the system’s secure connection to the car frame.

Rare Parts, therefore, is proud to introduce its own bushings, superior to the originals using a tougher, higher-durometer material far less subject to wear and the ravages of oil, grease and UV light than the original rubber.

 Fits These Models:

CHEVROLET: CHEVETTE 1976 w/ Rack Hsg. #7826835 or #7835170; Incl. Left & Right

CHEVROLET: CHEVETTE ’77-87 Man-s; Includes Left & Right

PONTIAC: T1000  ’81-87 Man-s

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