Manufacturing Monday’s Featured Product: Front Track Bar Bushings

This week’s Manufacturing Monday’s featured product is our Front Track Bar Bushings  – Part#: RP22442. Order a set today and feel the difference!

Track bars keep your vehicle laterally stable and manageable while the suspension does its job. But it’s a tough task, especially handling the greater mass of work vehicles. The bar’s points of connection are critical, and that’s where bushings take a battering. The constant push, pull and strain while under way, especially over rough surfaces, takes its toll, as do the ordinary factors of age and time that compromise the strength and performance of the original materials used.

Rare Parts’ front track bar bushings for the Ram 2500 series offer a substantial upgrade in both performance and durability with their superior and exclusive synthetic elastomer material, a sound alternative to urethane. But they sacrifice nothing in terms of the characteristics of original equipment.

Our bushings are in stock and ready to ship, fitting these 4-wheel drive models: Dodge Truck 3/4-ton Ram 2500 pickup 08-10; Dodge Truck 1-ton Ram 3500 pickup 08-10; Ram Truck 2500 11-12, and Ram Truck 3500 11-12.

Don’t see your make and model? Don’t worry! We guarantee that we got the part you need in stock or we’ll make it.  Just give us a call at 800.621.2005 – we’re here to help!


Manufacturing Monday’s Featured Product Control Arm Bumpers for Checker Marathons

This week’s Manufacturing Monday’s featured product is our control arm bumper — Part #RP18301. Order one today for your Checker Marathon and feel the difference!

Checker Motors, the Manufacturer of Checker Marathons, produced Marathons for over two decades. The popular 4-door and 5-door sedans were originally marketed as passenger cars for consumers, but due to the model’s lack of yearly changes to the styling, it is best known as the iconic New York City taxicab during the 1960s-1970s. Marathons are also frequently used on movie sets to depict the Soviet-made Chaika 13 (GAZ 13) vehicles. Films such as Gorky Park and the original Mission: Impossible television series use the vehicle to depict the Soviet Union and other Eastern Bloc countries.

Checker Motors never had a nationwide dealership and sold most of its vehicles to fleet dealerships. Despite the vehicles long production years, control arm bumpers for the vehicle are no longer being produced.

Fortunately for Marathon enthusiasts, Rare Parts reproduced the molds for this vehicle’s control arm bumper. Rare Part’s control arm bumper for the Marathon is composed of polyurethane, is UV and oil resistant, and is made right here in the USA. If you’re looking to restore a Checker Marathon give us a call at 800.621.2005 and we’ll be happy to assist. 

Fits These Models:

Checker Marathon ’59-’81
Checker Superba 60′-63′