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notable projects: vintage trucks, classics and muscle cars

Take a look at some of our favorite projects. RareParts is proud to have played a key role in getting these vehicles restored, customized, and on the road.

All Terra Mining Car

One of the coolest cars ever. The customer mocked up a pitman arm and sent it to us. We used their mockup for specs, and cut out a solid pitman arm out of a single piece of steel. We customize cars.

allterra allterra

Badger Mining Car

Here's another stylin truck customization, the Groundhog-EV. The vehicle is fairly unique, 6x6 all electric with a GVWR of 14,400 lbs. RareParts customized a pitman arm out of a single piece of steel, cut on the waterjet.


Desert Dingo Racing

Desert Dingo #1107 - Class 11 Offroad Baja Racing. Offroad racing is very tough on a vehicle's suspension. The folks over at Desert Dingo Racing needed better ball joints for their Volkswagen. Rare Parts designed heavy duty lower ball joints that can withstand racing on the Baja.


Flyer Defense

Advanced Light Strike Vehicles - internally transportable, mission specialized, lightweight, off road, wheeled military tactical vehicles for both rotary and tilt wing aircraft. We were part of the development and proto typing of the steering system in conjunction with Flyer Defense.

IMG_3602flyer-defense-steering-systemdef-pitman and centerlink2

Young Guns

Vehicle: 1948 Dodge B1 2 Ton
Parts: Customized pitman arm, Drag link, Spring Pins, (35634), front shackles(36053)
Young Guns Sled Hauler - Manufactured custom Header Flanges on waterjet)


Linkbelt Pitman Arm

For Linkbelt 22 Ton Crane. Cut from a solid block of steel with no bends.


Monaco Steering

For 2011 Monaco Diplomat. We manufacture several Monaco drag links


Ram Runner

Manufactured steering components for use in the 2012 RAM RUNNER. RAM RUNNER was Dodge's dealer option to turn the Ram 1500 into a off-road Pre Runner.


1951 Chevrolet 1 ton with a Toyota gear box

1951 Chevrolet 1 ton with a toyota gear box. Manufactured new pitman arm with replaceable ball stud, and manufactured an adjustable drag link to go with it.