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We developed our patented Fab Series® Steering System with replaceable cartridge system. Now you can replace just the worn stud, and not the whole part. Using our Fab Series®, there’s no need to realign after replacing the stud.

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Steering Rod Ends

Pick the Rod Ends to match your knuckle configuration. This system is one of the coolest and versatile systems on the market.
Axle swaps and high steer conversions don’t mean buying a new steering setup anymore. If you’re upgrading to high steer, take the cartridges out of the Rod Ends and thread them in the opposite direction.
Done and done.

Stud Cartridges

Select your stud cartridges from the 4 different sizes we now offer:
  • 1:8 taper - 0.657" Small Diameter (Jeep JK Stud)
  • 1:8 taper - 0.675" Small Diameter (DANA 60 Tie Rod Ends)
  • 1:8 taper - 0.715" Small Diameter (DANA 60 Pitman Arm End)
  • 0 taper - 0.750" Diameter (For replacing 3/4" Heim Joints)

Addition stud cartridges and sizes are currently being engineered.

Tube Sleeves

Fabricate your sleeves and enjoy the custom steering system you put into place.