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Jeep JK - Wrangler

The Jeep JK has always been known for being a rugged, heavy duty, off-road performer. But, on-road, it is unfortunately known for its harsh suspension and limited steering response. For anyone that wants to improve their Wrangler’s handling without breaking the bank on a full steering upgrade, Rare Parts stocks all the parts you need to correct the Jeep JK’s abysmal on-road steering, handling, and suspension problems. This was done carefully and successfully, without sacrificing any of the heavy duty, rigor-inspired off-road quality performance of the stock OEM Jeep JK steering system.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in upgrading your steering system, we have you covered with our ready to install Fab Series® steering system. With our patent-pending replaceable cartridge system, rugged 1.25” forgings, and 1.75” sleeves, this upgrade makes a big difference.