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What’s Project JK?

Project: JK includes a heavy-duty Jeep steering system, known as our Fab Series® Steering System, along with a patent-pending Dual Load Carrying Ball Joint System.

THE JEEP JK: rare parts project jk

At Rare Parts, we pride ourselves on our ability to tackle unique auto steering & suspension challenges. Being 4x4 & auto enthusiasts of every kind, our team became determined to solve one of the most common yet challenging 4x4 Jeep off-roading problems: steering & suspension performance in the most rigorous, challenging terrain, and in the most difficult conditions. Every off-road enthusiast strives to face such trials, head-on, with success.

This became a key motivator in driving our team of engineers to innovate, test and build one of our most successful product lines: the Fab Series®. Our Project JK Jeep Parts focus exclusively on getting enthusiasts the performance Steering System & Ball Joint Systems they need to succeed.

The inception of our patent-pending Dual Load Carrying Ball Joint System came when we realized that Ball Joint Systems are one of the most essential steering and suspension parts that constantly fail us, and in the most challenging, heavy-duty moments. Our unique Ball Joint System allows consumers to get the performance and 4x4 rigor that they need backed by the quality assurance of local US-engineered, rigorously built and tested, Rare Parts four by four performance parts.

What started as a creative challenge for the Rare Parts team quickly evolved into what we now call The Fab Series® or, Project JK Jeep Performance Parts. These are two of our most celebrated signature series collections of high-performance steering and suspension parts.

Jeep Project JK