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off-road steering and suspension

We specialize in engineering and manufacturing heavy-duty steering and suspension parts for any vehicle – like hot rods, muscle cars, competition show cars, and motor homes. In addition, we also manufacture high quality, heavy duty auto parts for the off-road market.


As a manufacturer, Rare Parts specializes in steering and suspension for just about any vehicle. This includes 4-wheel drives. Rare Parts manufactures and private labels steering and suspension parts for some of the most well-known, truck and off-road businesses in the world. Many of our projects started off with customers asking for heavy duty parts for a particular application. Our original intention was to manufacture heavy duty auto parts for applications that had issues with their steering and suspension. The more solutions we provided, the more projects that knocked on our door. Over the years we have developed long travel ball joints, HD tie rod ends, coil springs, drag links, track bars, pitman arms, idler arms and sleeves, to name a few. If you know about an auto application that needs help, call us, we’d be happy to develop and manufacture a solution right here in the United States.

Off Road Performance

challenge us

We like a good challenge. Challenge is the key motivator driving our team of auto part engineers to innovate, test, and build the highest performing, best quality auto parts.
You can check out more info about our most successful off-road steering line, dubbed Fab Series®, here.

Whether you need parts for a Jeep Project JK 4x4, Hummer, or any Chevrolet (Chevy), Ford Bronco, Toyota, GMC, or other off-roading Truck, Rare Parts has you covered. We build every decommissioned OEM part, heavy-duty built, or challenge-inspired custom part, with high quality and exceptional performance in mind.

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