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Take a look at some of our favorite projects. Rare Parts is proud to have played a key role in getting these vehicles restored, customized, and on the road.


Let’s Get This Show On The Road.

The Traveling Spectacular is a surreal vaudeville experience with the stage built right into a truck. A 1951 Chevrolet 1 Ton with a Toyota gearbox, to be exact. Rare Parts manufactured a new pitman arm with a replaceable ball stud and manufactured an adjustable drag link to go with them. So instead of breaking down, these performers can break a leg.


Think The Trail Is Tough On Steering? Try Adding Live Ammo.

Advanced Light Strike Vehicles are internally transportable, mission specialized, lightweight, off road, wheeled military tactical vehicles for both rotary and tilt wing aircraft. Rare Parts was part of the development and prototyping of the steering system in conjunction with Flyer Defense. We also like to dabble in Jeep JKs.


Steering Tough Enough For On Road, Off Road And Under Ground.

The Badger EV Groundhog is pretty unique. Not only is it a 6x6 all-electric with a GVWR of 14,400 lbs, it drives in and out of mines for a living. So durable steering is a must. For this tough customer, we customized a pitman arm out of a single piece of steel. That same attention to toughness goes into every part we make for your truck.


Deserving of a 21-Gun Salute

Kenny Hauk is a true artist, only he uses a wrench instead of a paintbrush. For his latest masterpiece, Kenny took a ‘48 Willys and turned it into a tribute to an American icon, the Colt .45. There isn’t a single part on the vehicle that hasn’t been customized in some form, and all the decorative touches were done by hand.

With this much attention to detail, they weren’t going to trust their steering to just anyone. So they turned to Rare Parts and our patented Fab Series® Steering System. Kenny used Fab Series® 1.0”-14 forgings and Chevy 1 ton stud cartridge to guarantee that this Colt .45’s aim was as impressive as its firepower.

Tucker 48

Putting The “Rare” In Rare Parts.

The Tucker 48. Only 51 “Tucker Torpedoes” were ever built. This extraordinary car came with countless innovations, including a 3rd headlight (“Cyclops Eye”), shatterproof windshields and the famous “crash chamber.” They may be rare, but rare is kind of our thing. So we redesigned and manufactured new Tie Rod Ends specifically for this car.


The Goal Was Survival. Winning Was Just A Bonus.

The Best in the Desert series Silver State 300 is a true test of man and machine. For 300 grueling miles, racers encounter everything nature can dish out—from blazing valleys to tight, twisty mountain trails to deep-water crossings.

When Rob Seubert and his team brought their Jeepspeed #1724 Cherokee XJ, the goal wasn’t to win, but to survive. After all, his Jeep’s ball joints had worn out numerous times before, causing his vehicle to lose stability and steering control. But this time, he used Rare Parts Dual Load Carrying Ball Joints. Here’s what he told us after:

“Just wanted to drop you a quick update on the race we had Saturday. First event with your product on the truck. We won the race, and the ball joints performed flawlessly. The Jeep was still rock solid after 300 miles of beating.”

1948 DODGE B1 2 TON

Parts That Pull Their Weight And Then Some.

Mopar guy, Larry Lopes, and his truck, Young Guns, have won multiple truck pulls across the country, so when they show up to competitions, Larry makes sure they do so in style. Larry’s beautiful 1948 Dodge B1 2 Ton truck hauls Young Guns to every pull, and when your cargo competes in “the world’s heaviest motorsport,” it’s hauler better be plenty tough.

Larry needed a new leaf spring shackle and pins. Since it wasn’t available, we manufactured him some brand new ones. Larry was so impressed with our work that he’s come back for other projects, including custom modifications to his drag link using Fab Series® components. We were so impressed with his work that we became a sponsor of Young Guns!

1964 Imperial Crown Convertible

Our President Takes On A Rare Part Challenge

Only 922 of these were ever built, and fewer than 200 are still in existence. This model came with a very unique Idler Arm Damper that bolts to the bracket on frame side rail, mounts on a serrated shaft, hydraulically dampens rapid movement, and rotates with same feel as shock absorber. When this rare part breaks down, owners are usually out of luck.

But Rare Parts President, Danny Burgess, was up to the task. First, he cleaned the entire rusted part to identify how the system was designed to work. Then he machined and installed the pitted surface, a bronze bushing, a new seal surface, the follower support bearing, the custom “quad-o-ring,” and, finally, an aluminum cap. The result: a better-than-original part for a truly original car.

Step in Rare Parts President, Danny Burgess. Remanufacturing an “obsolete” part like this is the kind of challenge Danny lives for.

The part had leaked all of its oil, which caused both rust and wear on all bearing surfaces. So, first Danny cleaned the entire rusted part to identify how the system was designed to work and what needed to be replaced or custom machined.

Then Danny machined the pitted surface, added a custom-machined bronze bushing to the opposite end of the shaft, and machined a new seal surface for the shaft to ride against. Then Danny tested the fit and filled with oil, checking for leaks. Success!

Danny then machined and installed the follower support bearing and the custom “quad-o-ring” to completely seal the unit better than the original. Finally, Danny custom-machined an aluminum cap to seal the whole unit back to new.

The result: a better-than-original part for a truly original car.


This Rock Rat Rocks Rare Parts.

What happens when you mix a rock crawling monster with a rat rod style Willys Jeep? You get the Rock Rat. Part steampunk, part badass, this awesome creation of Hauk Designs relies on our Fab Series® cartridges and forgings for its steering system.

Says Kenny Hauk, “Turning these 44” PitBull Rockers is no easy feat. In order to do it successfully, we had to have heavy duty steering components. We turned to our friends at Rare Parts who had these amazing heavy duty rebuildable tie rod ends.”

Specifically, Kenny used Fab Series® 1”-14 forging for the drag link, and 1.25”-12 forgings for the tie rod assembly. Chevy 1 ton stud cartridges were used on the drag link and on the tie rod assembly. So now this beast is ready to play.


Desert Dingo #1107 – Class 11 Offroad Baja Racing. Offroad racing is very tough on a vehicle's suspension. The folks over at Desert Dingo Racing needed better ball joints for their Volkswagen. Rare Parts designed heavy duty lower ball joints that can withstand racing on the Baja.


One of the coolest cars ever. The customer mocked up a pitman arm and sent it to us. We used their mockup for specs, and cut out a solid pitman arm out of a single piece of steel.


Ram Runner was Dodge's dealer option to turn the Ram 1500 into an off-road Pre Runner. We manufactured multiple steering components for use in the 2012 Ram Runner.


We built a custom Pitman Arm for this monster. It was cut from a solid block of steel with no bends.


We manufactured several Monaco drag links for this 2011 Monaco Diplomat.


In 2014, we were approached by Currie Enterprises. They were looking for a heavy duty pitman arm for their offroad race rig #88. We engineered and manufactured a heavy duty custom pitman arm for their vehicle. Using our Omax water jet, we cut the pitman arm out of 1 inch thick billet 4140 chromoly, and then heat treated for maximum strength.

Brandon Currie went on to win the King of the Hammers EveryManChallenge in 2015.