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Specialty Car, Truck and Jeep Parts - Custom Built

At Rare Parts we pride ourselves in our ability to custom manufacture just about any chassis part a customer may need. Our special car, truck, and jeep customization projects have covered a wide variety of applications. We specialize in typical applications like hot rods, muscle cars, Concourse cars, daily drivers, and motor homes. However, we have also designed and manufactured parts for tomato harvesters, ATV’s, and missile carriers. We welcome a good challenge, and often that means manufacturing an exact replica of a part, right down to the markings on a cover plate.

Rare parts pride

At Rare Parts, we pride ourselves on our unique ability to custom manufacture any   chassis, steering, or suspension part a customer may need.  Our unique challenge-motivated signature series projects have covered a wide variety of niche car marketplaces including the off-roading, 4x4 market, the heavy-duty performance and quality-driven market, as well as, the general classic car enthusiast or mechanic.  Customers seeking to replace the most challenging steering & suspension parts find that the highest quality, best performing, locally made parts are sourced at Rare Parts. 

Our specialty

At RareParts, we specialize in just about any high-octane, heavy duty performance, 4x4 off-roading, or classic muscle cars &  hotrod parts. In addition to these key marketplaces, RareParts also is heavily involved in creating specialized marketplace parts for the daily driver, casual auto enthusiast, quality-seeking mechanics, and out-of-commission OEM parts.

Our family owned and operated auto parts company stands by its products.  From our truly humble beginnings to our status today as a leading quality global parts manufacturer, we have lived by the motto, “If you need a part, we can build it.” We always welcome a good challenge, and often that means taking on the toughest challenges by manufacturing exact replica OEM parts and even upping theat OEM standard by pushing our team to create higher performing parts.

Although we primarily design, engineer, and build auto parts, we have used our skills to build parts for tomato harvests, ATV’s, and even missile carriers! We always welcome the challenge of building any part our customers need and even do so for our brand enthusiasts seeking a one-run specialty, quality, RareParts crafted steering & suspension part.